Motor shows


New York Auto show, 1936

1 min. 33 secs.       
Footage from the 1936 New York auto show as the major manufacturers start seeing the benefits of an upturn in the economy following the effects of the Wall Street crash at the end of the 1920s. The undoubted star of the show is the stunning coffin nose Cord 810 and its huge front wings.

Exclusive Ford V8 car show, early 30s

2 mins. 33 secs.            
To help push sales of its V8 car, Ford organised special car shows where interested motorists were able to see the cars close-up and exactly how they are made. This film features one of the shows.

28 millionth Ford car visits the 1940 New York World Fair

1 min. 46 secs             
A Ford promotional film showing the 28 millionth Ford car arriving at the 1940 New York World Fair after its extensive promotional journey around Mexico, the USA and Canada.

British motor show in New York City, 1950

1 min. 32 secs.
The postwar era was a hugely important period for the British motor industry and America was targetted as a key export market. To demonstrate this commitment, the major British manufacturers organised a car show in New York City in 1950, attended by Henry Ford 2 and this rare newsreel, features the event and the new luxury and standard models which were ready for the export drive.

Chicago auto show, 1958

58 secs
The 1958 Chicago auto show has a number of new novel automotive features, including the truly revolutionary wheel-less "Glideaire" scooter which was yet another great postwar idea which never caught on.

Convertible cars for the 1950s

1 min. 24 secs.
A lavish selection of jaw-dropping convertible cars are on offer at a New York auto show from the early 1950s.

Gas turbine car show, 1961

1 min. 7 secs
A gas turbine car show in Washington DC features a range of novel and futuristic cars. Some of the cars featured include ideas borrowed from the aviation world.

Paris motor show, 1937

56 secs
All the latest cars and accessories are on show at the 1937 Paris Motor Show -one of the premier events in the European motoring calendar.

Paris motor show, 1938

1 min. 1 sec.
In the last Paris motor show before the Second World War, large crowds turn out to see all the new cars on display from French and foreign manufacturers.

London Motor Show, 1965

1 min. 30 secs
Cars from around the world are displayed at London's 50th international motor show. The newsreel contains many novel concept cars which were around at the time -although most of the features were never subsequently adapted by the manufacturers.

New York motor sports show, 1954

56 secs.
Preview of European and American cars on display at the New York motor sports show at the time when motor sports and sports car racing was growing in popularity on both sides of the Atlantic.

New York Auto Show, 1954

42 secs
Brief preview of the 1954 New York Auto show showing a range of extremely sleek models from the US and elsewhere.

New York Auto show, 1956

1 min. 56 secs.
Newsreel featuring the 42nd US national automobile show which this year is being held in New York. A range of spectacular cars are featured, including a number of sporty models.

New York Auto Show, 1959

1 min. 10 secs.
A rich assortment of the latest models from America, Japan and Europe converge on this year's New York Auto Show. The film features both small, foreign sports cars as well as the leading domestic models from Detroit.

New York Auto Show, 1960

56 secs
The original Mini makes one of its first public appearances in America at the 1960 New York auto show. A brand new stunning Jaguar 3.8 is another attraction. There's also some futuristic dream cars, as well as eye catching models from yesteryear.

New York Auto Show, 1962

1 min
The 100,000th MGA is one of the attractions of the 1962 New York Auto show. Also shown is a classic Jaguar as well as sports cars from around the world.

New York Auto Show, 1966

1 min. 13 secs.
500 cars from around the world are on display at the 1966 New York auto show. Other sleek models also catch the eye as well as some classic vintage cars.

Original Mini show, Los Angeles, 1996

4 mins. 28 secs
For years, the Mini was an extremely rare car in America and the few people who did own a car would often travel huge distances to get to a specialist Mini event. This show, in Los Angeles, in  1996, features some of the best Minis on the American west coast at that time.

Paris motor show, 1955

53 secs
All the leading manufacturers display their latest models at the 1955 Paris auto show.

Paris motor show, 1956

59 secs
A brief preview of the cars in attendance at the 1956 Paris motor show.

The postwar era celebrates the earliest automobiles from the turn of the century

59 secs
A post war American car show which features many of the cars built around the turn of the century.

National US Triumph car show, 1996

2 mins. 39 secs.
Brief profile of the people and cars which attended a national US Triumph car show in America in the mid 1990s.

US national Hot Rod and Custom Car Show, 1967

51 secs
The US National Custom Car show has an array of weird and wonderful vehicles on display -including a futuristic customized hearse which will provide everyone with the ultimate sendoff.

Classic Jaguar show, San Diego, 1997

3 mins. 4 secs
The Classic Jaguar Association is a club exclusively for the oldest Jaguar cars ever built and this meeting in San Diego, California, features some of the very best examples in the world.