Individual cars


Promotional film for the new 1937 Chrysler Plymouth

3 mins. 47 secs            
An informative promotional film for the new 1937 Plymouth car. It shows all its new amenities and extra safety features, from the solid steel body to the extra padding in the seats.

The development of Mustang 2, 1964

2 mins. 26 secs.      
A brief film showing the development of Ford's Mustang 2, one of the most famous sports cars of the second half of the 20th Century.

A detailed preview of the new 1953 Chevrolet

3 mins. 10 secs           
Rare film of a test run of the English made Dynaspehere -one of the weirdest "cars" ever designed.

The opening of the Kaiser and Fraser car factory, 1946

1 min. 8 secs.
The new Kaiser and Frasier car factory is opened in Michigan with models aimed at the new post war motorist.

Prewar British Ford commercial trucks

1 min. 1 sec.
Ford in the UK shows off the range of commercial vehicles it builds in the 1930s which are used by many of the nation's largest companies.

Dagenham, launch of new Ford models in 1936

3 mins. 20 secs
Review of the activities at Ford's new, huge car plant at Dagenham, near London. Many of the features of the new cars beingĀ built are demonstrated and there's also excellent footage of the new cars being tested on the road.

Triumph 250K -one race, race car

1 min. 34 secs
Kats Kaster, Triumph's US competition manager in the mid 1960s, developed a revolutionary race car, the Triumph TR250K, which he believed would help push the Triumph name to a higher level. Alas, the stunning looking car only raced once, but the film here shows the car now fully restored and still looking as striking as ever.

Oldsmobile produces new cars and prepares for war, 1941

1 min. 1 sec.
Promotional film showing how Oldsmobile not only builds new cars but also helps the American war effort by converting its factories for the production of armaments and ammunition for the US army.

Musical tribute to Pontiac styling of the mid 1950s

3 mins. 17 secs
Profile of a classic mid 50s Pontiac using music, not words.

The Ford Model A

1 min. 3 secs

Brief film of the Ford Model A. Although much fewer were sold than the Model T, it was still a very important car for the Ford company.

New 1949 custom station wagon

57 secs
Profile of Ford's brand new 1949 custom station wagon which includes wood pannelling on an all-steel body.

Ford in Scandinavia, 1948

3 mins. 45 secs
A brief tour of Ford's main operations in Scandinavia at the end of the 1940s.

Ford in Germany, 1948

1 min. 41 secs
A brief tour of Ford's main German operations in the late 1940s, as it rebuilds after the War.

Ford in Australia and New Zealand, 1948

3 mins. 25 secs
A brief tour of Ford's main operations in Australia and New Zealand at the end of the 1940s.

The Model T -an auto legend

2 mins. 40 secs.
Wonderfully entertaining documentary profiling the legendary Ford Model T which was built from 1908 to 1927, and enabled ordinary people, for the first time, to travel anywhere they wanted.

Oldsmobile 98 luxury sedan, 1963

2 mins. 3 secs
Arty, black and white, docu-commercial profiling the stylish Oldsmobile 98 for 1963.

Ford in France, 1948

1 min. 47 secs.
A brief tour of Ford's main operations in France at the end of the 1940s.

1962 Triumph Vitesse

1 mins. 56 secs.
Rare example of a pristinely restored 1962 Triumph Vitesse including footage of the car on the road and an interview with the restorer