Floating motor car, 1938

1 min. 29 secs.       
A loyal Chevrolet dealer has combined a Chevy car with a small boat to create a unique 25 foot motor cruiser.

Experimental, streamlined, three wheel car, 1945

1 min. 10 secs.         
A streamlined three-wheeled car from California is demonstrated. While it seems simple to drive, it never caught on.

Experimental research cars from the US army, 1960s

50 secs.

The US Defense Department demonstrates a range of truly extraordinary vehicles including a hovering "air car" and another machine so bizarre that even the narrator can’t find a name for it.

Experimental Ford tracked vehicles

2 mins. 45 secs.
Brief film showing a demonstration of a number of small, specialist, go-anywhere tracked vehicles which were built by Ford during World War 2.

Experimental flying car for the postwar era

1 min. 11 secs
An experimental flying automobile is demonstrated. In a matter of minutes a small aeroplane is converted to an automobile so the driver can complete his journey home in the same vehicle in which he flew through the skies.

Electric scooter, 1959

56 secs
An American engineering student demonstrates his portable electric scooter which he carries in a bag. It's so light it can be unpacked and fitted together in minutes and gives him more than 100 miles to the gallon.

Dummy passengers fool hitchhikers, 1946

1 min. 10 secs.
Comedy newsreel showing a postwar American driver who fitted his car with two dummy passengers to evade hitchhikers.

Dinah Shore introduces the 1953 Chevrolet

1 min. 31 secs.
American postwar darling Dinah Shore previews the new 1953 Chevrolet.

Demonstration of the ultra streamlined Dymaxion car, 1933

32 secs
Rare footage of the ultra streamlined Dymaxion car which was built in 1933. It's aerodynamic features meant it was way ahead of its time, but it never caught on.

Demonstration of the amazing Dynasphere, 1932

1 min.
Rare film of a test run of the English made Dynaspehere -one of the weirdest "cars" ever designed.

Demonstration of Italian amphibious vehicle, 1938

1 min. 2 secs.
Amazing footage of a new multifunctional, amphibious Italian car which is as comfortable in the water as it is on the highway. It can also climb city steps with ease.

Demonstration of a road system of the future, 1953

50 secs
A visionary film depicting how cars may interact with the road and others cars in the future. The idea was that wires built into the road surface communicating with cars using the road would mean there would be no more road accidents in the future. Simple.

Demonstration of a proposed US flying car, 1950s

43 secs
A newsreel of a flying automobile which while it looks OK, doesn't convince the sceptical narrator.

Demonstration of a French auto pontoon bridge, 1956

1 min. 12 secs
French army engineers demonstrate a new, auto pontoon. Effectively this is a unique amphibious vehicle which can be metamorphosed into a temporary bridge. Once inflated it can carry up to 200 people who can be ferried across any land or water.

Demonstration of a Ford amphibious car

3 mins. 5 secs
Excellent documentary showing Ford's experimental amphibious scout car driving in water and on land -and seemingly at home in both environments.

Chimpanzees driving cars, 1930

50 secs
In an event staged purely for entertainment purposes, dressed-up chimpanzees drive their own midget automobiles around a fair ground.

Car aerobics in the 1980s

1 min. 15 secs
The exercise craze of the 1980s was even introduced to car drivers. Here, an innovative radio DJ organized his own afternoon car aerobics sessions for stressed out drivers -fortunately, only when they were stationery.

Automobile acrobatics, 1937

1 min. 1 sec.
A weird spectacle of acrobats practicing on strange gymnastic equipment mounted high on top of a moving car.

1930s beach girls play with their cars

1 min. 53 secs
An unashamed marketing film from the early 1930s which features a Chevrolet car as a backdrop to a group of skimpily clad pretty girls playing on the beach, as well as up in the mountains.

1930s auto bus on rails

1 min. 3 secs
A small passenger bus in Tennessee has extra wheels fitted to enable it to travel on both the highway and railway tracks.

1930s auto barber shop

1 min. 41 secs
A fun-loving outdoor barber demonstrates his new mobile place of work -the back of a Chevrolet car.

"Rocket" racing car demonstrated at Indianapolis, 1946

59 secs
A rare demonstration of how attaching a "rocket" to a racing car at Indianapolis helps it increase its average speed from 100 to 140 mph.

"Jeepers creepers" -US off-road mayhem, 1952

1 min. 15 secs
This wonderfully entertaining film is a throwback to the early days of off-road motor sport. It features a Jeep festival in Washington state, USA, which includes plenty of mud and mayhem and a laugh-a-second commentary.

Women hitchhikers, 1940s

2 mins. 29 secs.
Risque film from the 1940s showing two women hitch hikers struggling to get a lift until they start shedding their clothes.

Walkway for the future, 1953

45 secs
A novel moving walkway is tested and demonstrated. The idea is that in the future, pedestrians will simply walk onto the walkway as they travel down the road, instead of having to do all the legwork themselves. Although it looks impressive, city officials around the world clearly still believe in the concept that our own legs should be moving us around.