Land speed records


Malcolm Campbell breaks world land speed record at Daytona Beach, 1932

56 secs                  
Brief newsreel showing Malcolm Cambell breaking the world land speed record in his famous streamlined Bluebird car at Daytona  Beach in Florida in 1932.

French land speed record car, 1932

52 secs             
France's latest car to challenge for the world land speed record is paraded through the streets of Paris.

Land speed record holder, George Eyston, prepares to leave England for Bonneville, 1938

38 secs                 
British speed ace Captain George Eyston gets ready to depart for America where he will attempt to set a new world land speed record.

Stirling Moss at Bonneville, 1957

55 secs
Motor racing legend Stirling Moss drives at nearly 250 mph in a small sleek MG sports car at the Bonneville Salt flats in Utah setting a host of new land speed records.

Legendary speed racer AB Jenkins waves goodbye to Bonneville, 1951

1 min. 9 secs.
A brief profile of Bonneville speed legend AB Jenkins as he races for the last time at the famous salt flats, setting yet more records.

MG gains speed records at Bonneville, 1951

1 min. 11 secs.
The MG car company take a sleek experimental race car to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah where 60 year old Major Goldie Gardiner sets 16 new land speed records.

Craig Breedlove breaks the World Land Speed Record, 1963

3 mins. 33 secs
A wonderful documentary film showing how Craig Breedlove fulfilled his lifelong dream when he claimed the World Land Speed record of over 400 mph in 1963 in his "homemade" jet propelled rocket car, the Spirit of America.

Donald Campbell breaks land speed record, 1964

1 min. 8 secs.
AH-66            To view film, click here
Speed legend Donald Campbell sets a new land speed record in his Bluebird at Lake Eyre, Australia. His time was 276 mph and he followed the exploits of his father before the war.

MG record breaking at Bonneville, 1997

2 mins. 7 secs.
Short film of the MG company's return to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah to set new speed records in a production MGF. The driver was American Terry Kilburn.