Motor cycling


Motorcycle hill climb at Modesto, California, 1960s

1 min. 11 secs.            

Daredevil motor cycle riders attempt to take their bikes over the top at the brutal annual hill climb at Modesto, California. There's plenty of thrills and spills as well as runaway bikes and riders.

Spanish motorcycle racing, 1946

1 min. 4 secs              

Film of a motorcycle race from Spain after the war.

Motorcycle hill climb, Idaho, 1956

1 min. 12 secs

More motor cycle mayhem as fearless riders attempt to get their bikes to the top of a very steep hillside in Idaho. As usual, most riders fail with embarrassing results.

English motorcycle scramble, 1951

52 secs

A muddy English motorcycle scramble from the 1950s.

Spanish motor cycle race, 1964

1 min. 17 secs.

Leading motor cycle riders from around then world compete in a gruelling 24 hour endurance race in Spain. One rider survives a terrible accident, but the race continues. The British team take the lead during the hours of darkness, but are beaten to the finish in the morning by the Italians.

Sidecar racing at the Isle of Man TT, 1967

50 secs

All-action motor cycle side car racing from the Isle of Man. Great footage of a highly skillful motor sport.

Motor cycle hill climb, Illinois, 1953

1 min. 6 secs

Motor cycle hill climbing returns to Illinois. There's plenty of thrills and spills as the riders try (and usually fail) to get to the top.

California motor cycle hill climb, 1958

1 min. 11 secs

Madcap motorcyclists from the late 1950s attempt to ride their bikes up a brutal 70 degree mountainside. There's wonderfully entertaining commentary as most of the riders end up with lost of bruises, and not much success.