Travels Across Africa, 1936 (Part 1)

8 mins. 20 secs.           
Fascinating, pioneering two-part documentary following famous Belgium adventurer Armand Davis travelling across Africa in a Dodge truck and car in the 1930s. With his small team, he literally goes where no vehicle has ever been before and encounters virtually every type of terrain known to man.

Travels Across Africa, 1936 (Part 2)

8 mins. 23 secs          
Fascinating, pioneering two-part documentary following famous Belgium adventurer Armand Davis travelling across Africa in a Dodge truck and car in the 1930s. With his small team, he literally goes where no vehicle has ever been before and encounters virtually every type of terrain known to man.

New Ford cars for 1935

3 mins. 6 secs             
Excellent documentary featuring the new Ford V8 cars for 1935. It shows all the new features of the cars, both inside and out, as well as seeing the cars being put through "two years of driving in just two hours."

General Motors builds its 50 millionth car, 1954

3 mins. 10 secs
A film showing the gala events that GM organized for the day it built its 50 millionth car which was finished in gold.

Austrian hotel on wheels, 1955

1 min. 1 sec.
For something completely different -a hotel on wheels. This newsreel shows what looks like a regular bus pulling a standard trailer, except when it's stationery, the trailer is metamorphosed into a mobile hotel, complete with bedrooms and a dining area. Not the Savoy perhaps, but certainly caravan comfort for a large travelling group.

Testing the lunar car of the future, 1964

1 min. 25 secs
Film of a futuristic moon vehicle being demonstrated in a look-a-like lunar landscape in Long Island, New York.

New English road/rail car, 1963

1 min. 1 sec.
Film of a 1960s English invention which enables a standard car to drive on its own special rail car on country railway tracks is demonstrated as more and more railway branch lines are closed down.

The importance of the automobile in America after WW2

2 mins. 58 secs
AH-118                   To view film, click here 
Film showing how important the automobile has become in America after World War 2, not just in terms of providing transportation, but also in providing jobs and supporting the economy.

Bert Bacharach reveals his top motoring tips, 1956

2 mins. 13 secs
Noted period social commentator, Bert Bacharach (father of the legendary song writer), provides a number of auto tips to help ensure drivers both look after themselves, and their car.

Traffic control in the 1930s

2 mins. 34 secs.
Great period footage of cars and city streets of the 1930s in this road safety film featuring the development of traffic signals and other controls in cities across the US.

Concept cars of the 1960s

3 mins. 52 secs
Feature by feature look at a number of Ford concept cars from the early 1960s. The film shows a number of clever ideas which have sadly never been adopted by the major manufacturers.

How to become a motor mechanic, 1940

2 mins. 13 secs.
An informative film showing the opportunities offered in the rapidly developing automotive world -from garage mechanic to service manager.

A new Chevy car races an ice boat, 1935

1 min. 33 secs.
Film of a novel race between a car driver and ice boat racer.

A new petrol economy test, 1935

54 secs
Chevrolet dealers demonstrate a new device to test petrol consumption.

Driving to Kentucky's remotest village, 1935

1 min. 37 secs.
Brief film showing a Chevrolet car driving over fords and rough tracks to reach one of America's remotest villages in the 1930s.

Parking meters come to town, 1935

1 min. 18 secs
A film from the mid 1930s showing a newly introduced parking meter at work.

Longtime Chevrolet owner given a free new car, 1936

1 min. 46 secs
Newsreel of an old-time car owner who receives a free new car from Chevrolet having successfully driven his original 1915 Chevy for more than 20 years and 250,000 miles.

American motor trailers, 1937

2 mins. 28 secs.
A film about motor trailers and trailer parks in Florida in the late 1930s. It features trailers of every size and shape.

A preview of GM's futuristic concept cars and highways of the future, 1956

3 mins. 59 secs
A lavish presentation of General Motors' futuristic dream cars of the mid 1950s, plus a preview of the ideal highway network of the future.

Ford experimental car, 1967

52 secs
Brief film of Ford's new English electric car in the late 1960s.

California parking invention, 1952

1 min. 15 secs
A California inventor adds a working fifth wheel to the rear of a car to enable it to be maneuvered into tight parking spots more easily. Clearly a good idea, but one which obviously never caught on.

Sikorsky and Greyhound launch the new helicopter/bus, commuter service, 1959

1 min. 13 secs.
The giant Sikorsky and Greyhound companies combine in a new initiative to transport out-of-town commuters into city centres in this new air-ground service.

Sweden changes from left to right, 1967

1 min. 6 secs
In 1967, Sweden became the last major country in the world to switch from driving on the left to the right. The film shows the remarkable calm in which the transition was achieved.

Convertibles -the cars for the '80s

3 mins. 43 secs
A brief documentary showing how convertible cars had come back into fashion in America by the end of the 1980s. Following the safety fears of the early 1970s, drivers across the country were again buying these fun cars in significant numbers.