Land Rover

A brief tour of Ford's main operations in France at the end of the 1940s.

Rare Tempo Land Rover from 1953

2 mins. 34 secs             
Many variations of Land Rovers have been built over the years, but the German constructed Tempo, based on a Series 1 chassis and built in 1953, is one of the rarest. This film profiles many of the unusual differences between this and the standard Land Rovers of the period.

50 years of AA Land Rovers

4 mins. 46 secs.            
Profile of the vehicle's used by one of Land Rovers longest estabished corporate customers -the Automobile Association. The motoring organisation began buying Land Rovers almost as soon as they were available and this film compares the older vehicles to the newer ones. 

Rare original Royal Review Land Rover from the early 1950s

rotal review
1 mins. 1 secs.         


Profile of a very rare Royal Review Series 1 Land Rover which was used for ceremonial purposes by Britain’s royal family at the beginning of the 1950s

Land Rovers on the farm -maintaining history

4 mins. 21 secs
Informative film which shows how the Land Rover was used around the farm in the early days. The film profiles one individual owner who incorporates many special fixtures and fittings onto his vehicles which then enable him to perform many different farming tasks. 

Restoring America's oldest Land Rovers

5 mins. 2 secs.
A profile of one of America's leading Land Rover restorers and some of the country's earliest and most interesting vehicles which are in his collection.

Wooden framed Land Rover Series 1 from the 1950s

2 mins. 45 secs
This film features a unique wooden frame Land Rover series 1 converted in the early 1950s.

The differences between classic UK and US Land Rovers

3 mins. 41 secs
While the UK and the US are Land Rovers two most important markets, the vehicles sold in each country have a number of key differences. This film features one of America's leading Land Rover historians highlighting the differences on the vehicles which were imported into the USA in the late 1960 and early 70s.

Elaborate American Land Rover showroom, California, 1996

2 mins. 8 secs.
During the 1990s, Land Rover used ever more elaborate ways to sell its cars, and in the US, many of the larger dealerships transformed their buildings into what looked like exotic off-road centres which contained their own challenging off-road courses.

Driving a classic Range Rover in New York City, 1996

2 mins. 48 secs.
New York City has always been one of the most popular cities for the sale of the Range Rover, and this film from the mid 1990s, features one owner and the pleasures and perils she has of driving through this urban jungle.

Bill Bruce -Land Rover enthusiast extraordinaire

5 mins. 51 secs.
There are many diehard Land Rover enthusiasts around the world, but Bill Bruce, from Wichita, Kansas, is one of the most serious and knowledgeable in the world. Not only does he have a large Land Rover model collection and many accessories, but he also has a large number of rare and unique Land Rovers, including a convertible Range Rover and an original Willys Jeep on which the original Land Rover was modelled.

Driving a classic Land Rover in Los Angeles, 1996

3 mins. 31 secs
There are only a small number of the old classic series Land Rovers remaining in Los Angeles, but one owner provides an insight into what it's like to drive such a car in a city dominated by much newer automobiles.

Dunsfold Land Rover collection

3 mins. 27 secs
The Dunsfold Land Rover centre in Surrey houses both the largest collection of rare and unusual Land Rovers in the world, as well as the world's largest Land Rover model collection. This film previews them both. 

Rare original Roadless Traction Land Rover

3 mins. 31 secs
Profile of the extra large Roadless Traction Land Rover which was built at the beginning of the 1960s and had huge wheels to try and get the vehicles into extremely inhospitable areas.

Giant experimental diesel Land Rover from 1962

2 mins. 24 secs.
Profile of a giant, unique, experimental diesel Land Rover from the early 1960s which it was envisaged would primarily be used in Africa.

Rare original Land Rover welder from the early 1950s

2 mins. 43 secs
Profile of one of the few remaining factory made Land Rover welder vehicles from the early 1950s. This one is in excellent condition and is still capable of undertaking serious welding jobs.

Ken Wheelright, master Land Rover restorer

3 mins. 34 secs
Film profile of Ken Wheelright, possibly the most highly respected Series 1 Land Rover restorer in the world. Amongst his collection are a number of extremely rare Land Rovers from the 1940s which are in magnificent condition.

Cuthburtson tracked Land Rover

4 mins. 42 secs
Excellent film showing a very rare 1960s Cuthburtson tracked Land Rover in Scotland. The vehicles were literally designed to go where no other Land Rover (or any other car) could get to, but only a small number were actually made.

Centaur -experimental half-tracked Land Rover

4 mins. 32 secs
Marketing film from the late 1970s featuring one of the small number of half-tracked Land Rovers which were built and were aimed at armed forces around the world. This film shows the vehicle successfully tackling a range of challenging obstacles in a deep quarry in Anglesey, in Wales.

Down East Land Rover show, Maine, 1996

7 mins. 20 secs.
This entertaining film features a large Land Rover gathering in Maine in the USA in 1996 and contains plenty of off-road action in deep pools and muddy tracks.

Official Land Rover Heritage Run

3 mins. 23 secs
In 1998, Land Rover celebrated its 50th anniversary and every year since an annual heritage run has been organised where vehicles from throughout the company's history are driven from inside the factory gates to the Gaydon Motor Heritage Centre, about 30 miles away. This is a wonderful tribute to many of the extensive range of vehicles built by this great British company.

Herb Zipkin's 1959 Trans-world Series 2 Land Rover

5 mins. 58 secs.
In 1959, American adventurer, Herb Zipkin came to Europe to purchase a brand new Series 2 Land Rover and then had it extensively modified before taking it on an amazing journey around the world. In this film, Mr Zipkin details all the strange fittings in the vehicle and recalls the adventures when he was on the road.

Judge Dredd Land Rover

2 mins. 16 secs
The Land Rover company collaborated with Hollywood in the mid 1990s to build approximately 20 futuristic urban off-roader vehicles for the Sylvester Stallone science fiction film, Judge Dredd and this film profles the extraordinary looking vehicles which were produced and what happened to a number of them once the filming was finished.

Off-roading in paradise (Land Rovers in Hawaii), 1997

5 mins. 7 secs.
Members of the remote Hawaii Land Rover club drive high up into the mountains for a day of off-road activities and adventure. 

The world's biggest Land Rover shows

6 mins 54 secs.
High quality film footage from several of the biggest Land Rover shows which took place in England at the beginning of the 21st Century. A large range of unique, rare and modified vehicles are exhibited, as well as off-road events, Land Rover tug of war challenges and other entertainments.