Classic British cars


Six and a half litre Bentley from 1928

1 min. 56 secs.           
Great footage of a classic 6 and 1/2 litre Bentley saloon from 1928 in magnificent condition. This is one of the very best examples of this great automobile still on the roads -built at the time when Bentley's sports cars were dominating Le Mans.

Classic Jaguar Mark 5 drophead from 1949

1 min. 42 secs           
Film of the classic Jaguar 3.5 litre three positioned drophead which was built at the end of the 1940s and is regarded as one of the finest Jaguars of all time.

Triumph TR2 (1953-1955)

3 mins. 47 secs            
Film profile of the Triumph TR2, the Triumph company's first proper entry into the sports car market when it was launched in 1953. Includes considerable advertising material as well as one of the best original TR2 cars still on the road, anywhere.

MGA (1955-1962)

5 mins. 1 secs.            
Profile of the MGA which was introduced in the 1950s and was the first British sports car for which production exceeded 100,000. The film includes rare MGAs, MGAs on the racetrack, show cars, as well as cars on the road.

A celebration of the E-type Jaguar (1961-1975)

6 mins. 18 secs             
Film profile of the e-type Jaguar -arguably the most attractive car ever built and immensely popular around the world. Features archive film, early e-types, racing e-types, e-type advertising, rare e-types, rust free e-types and much more.

MG L1 -Restoring a classic

3 mins. 24 secs            
Great film of a striking pre-war MG L1 magna sports car which took five years to restore but is now a show winner everywhere it goes and a headturner on the road by its dazzling green and yellow colour scheme.

Morris Minor convertibles

3 mins. 2 secs               
Morris Minor convertibles were one of the most popular convertible cars ever built in Britain, although many of them were exported overseas. This film features a number of the very best examples still on the road.

Classic pre-war MGs

3 mins. 17 secs             
The MG company were one of the most famous sports car manufacturers in the second half of the 20th Century, but they also made many cars before the war, and this film features a number of their most popular pre-war models. Included is footage of the MG M type which Esdel Ford pesonally imported to America in 1930 and has now been fully restored.

The original Mini in Hawaii

2 mins. 26 secs.              
Film of one of the few surviving original Minis still regularly being used on the tropical islands of Hawaii.

Celebration of the MGF

3 mins. 57 secs               
A brief profile of Ford's racing successes in the 1960s. It includes the Lotus Cortina, built in England, and Carroll Shelby's lighteningly fast 427 Cobra.

XKs Unlimited -one of the world's leading Jaguar restorers, California, 1996

3 mins. 9 secs                 
XKs Unlimited along mid California's Pacific coast is one of the longest established and most respected Jaguar restoration companies in the world, in particular restoring XK sports cars and Jaguar e-types. This film, from 1996, profiles the company and the man who singlehandedly developed the business in the 1970s from a necessary student hobby to a company with a major international reputation.

The world's longest ever procession of Rolls Royce and Bentley cars, 1997

8 mins. 5 secs.                 
A must-see cavalcade of many of the finest Rolls Royce and Bentley cars from the 20th Century driving through fashionable Newport Beach in Southern Califoria in an attempt to set a world record for the longest ever procession of Rolls Royce and Bentley cars on a public highway.

Triumph TR6 -The most successful Triumph sports car in America

2 mins. 18 secs.                
The Triumph TR6 was the most successful Triumph sports car ever built, and this brief tribute film takes a look at the car and some of the ways it was marketed.

Heinz Hornet -prized custom convertible from 1966

2 mins. 14 secs.              
In the mid 1960s, the Heinz company in England organised a novel competition where 57 winners would each receive there own personalised, custom made, convertible car. This film tells the story of the competition and one of the best cars which has survived until today.

Classic Jaguars on parade at Monterey, 1976

4 mins. 17 secs               

In 1976, Jaguar was the featured car at the Monterey car festival and this film shows many of the classic Jaguars which toured around the track before the main event. One Jaguar driver was former world motor racing champion Phil Hill, who fondly recalled his enjoyment of the occasion.

Restoring the Yellow Rolls Royce, 1996

3 mins. 48 secs               
The Yellow Rolls Royce is one of the most famous movie cars in existance and since 1988, the car has been owned by Californian Neal Kirkham. Here, he provides a brief tour of the car while it was undergoing extensive renovation in 1996.

The launch of the Bentley Turbo R, 1989

3 mins.                            
A promotional film for the launch of the Bentley Turbo R -one of the most luxurious (and powerful) cars ever built. It shows many of the car's great qualities, as well as footage of the car achieving a British national endurance record at the Millbrook test track.

The world's greatest collection of classic Jaguars, 1996

3 mins. 55 secs              
Walter Hill was probably the most preeminent Jaguar collector of all time, accumulating some of the finest and rarest Jaguar race and sports cars ever built at his ranch on Florida. This film shows the extraordinary collection at its height in the late 1990s before it was disbanded and the cars separated. A real must for all Jaguar enthusiasts.

Doctor Richard Foster -Jaguar enthusiast extraordinaire

2 mins. 38 secs              
Dr Richard Foster has spent half his lifetime finding and restoring cars which represent the entire history of the famous Jaguar car company. As can be seen, his impressive collection  includes everything from original Swallow sidecars to e-types.

US launch of the Austin 850 at the Lime Rock race track, 1961

4 mins. 51 secs              
The original Mini was launched in the US in the early 1960s and this film features an event at the Lime Rock race track in Connecticut where thousands of people get to view and drive the new small British cars for the first time.

Franay Bentley -one of the greatest cars of the 20th Century

1 min. 52 secs              
Profile of the Franay Bentley which was especially designed to be a major exhibit at the 1948 Paris motor show and then went on to win a number of awards at events afterwards. Sadly, though, the car was neglected for many years until it was acquired and then restored to the highest possible standard and is now regarded as one of the most important Bentleys in the world and a show winner everywhere it goes.

The special edition Minor Million from 1960

1 min. 56 secs.               
To mark the Morris Minor becoming the first British motor car to pass one million sales in December, 1960, 350 special edition Minors were produced, with each one finished in bright lilac and containing a number of unique features. This brief film profiles these unusual cars.

The Westmoreland Speedster -unique 1948 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith

2 mins. 16 secs.     
Film of a unique Rolls Royce Silver Wraith which was given an extremely sporty body and is now a show stopper at every show is attends.

The last remaining Morris Minor Traveller in New York City, 1996

4 mins. 50 secs                   
Film made in the late 1990s of what is believed to be the last remaining Morris Minor Traveller in New York City.