Advertising and marketing


Newspaper automobile ads from around 1900

1 min. 20 secs.      
A brief film showing some very earliest automobile advertisements of the late 1890s and early 1900s.

Ford dealer promotional film, 1932

2 mins. 50 secs.     
Rare cinema commercial for a Ford car dealership in California in the early 1930s. It features lots of great footage of the new cars of the period.

Pontiac newspaper ads, 1935

1 min. 53 secs      
Display of the newspaper ads which were produced to promote the new Pontiac cars of the mid 1930s.

Amoco commercial, 1960

1 min. 12 secs      
An entertaining black and white commercial for Amoco petrol.

Goodyear tire ad, 1960

1 min. 13 secs.      
A well made drama commercial for the new Goodyear "double eager" tire.

Volkswagen Beetle TV commercials, 1958 & 1960

3 mins.                 
Two excellent TV commercials for the Volkswagon Beetle -one of the greatest cars of the 20th Century.

TV commercial for the 1960 American Motors "Rambler"

1 min. 13 secs.      
A lighthearted TV commercial showing the versatility of the 1960 American Motors "Rambler".

GM's new cars for 1961

2 mins. 32 secs.    
An enchanting, dreamlike commercial for the new GM cars of 1961. The film makes each car look like a gift for the gods.

TV commercial for the Renault Dauphine, 1958

1 min. 10 secs.      
An innovative TV commercial for the Renault Dauphine.

Promotional film for the new Ford cars of 1960

3 mins. 15 secs      
A beautifully made dreamlike commercial showing Ford's three main cars of 1960 -the Galaxy, the Thunderbird and the Falcon.

English Ford 1930s promotional film

3 mins. 11 secs      
A musical promotional film celebrating the joys of driving through the English countryside in the 1930s.

Chevrolet trucks help build the Alcan Run, 1957

3 mins. 55 secs       
An all-action film showing the work that giant trucks undertake in building the new Alaska to Canada highway.

Subliminal TV commercial for the new 1959 Chevrolet

1 min. 51 secs       
Musical promotion for the new 1959 Chevrolet car using brief  subliminal images.

Musical commercial for the 1959 Chevrolet

2 mins. 16 secs.       
An excellent commercial in words and music extolling the virtues for the new 1959 Chevrolet

Super Shell TV commercial, 1958

1 min. 16 secs         
A film showing an endurance test for Super Shell gasoline.

Goodyear TV commercial, 1958

1 min. 16 secs          
A fast paced commercial showing the benefits of Goodyear tyres, even in snow and ice.

Advertising cars on an airship, 1937

1 min. 20 secs.           
Film of the Ford motor company using a giant airship to promote its latest marketing slogan to motorists on the ground below.

Hertz rent-a-car TV commercial, 1958

1 min. 14 secs            
Fun 1950s commercial for Hertz rent a car.

Selling Triumph TR3s in America in the 1950s

2 mins. 45 secs        
Great insight into selling the British Triumph TR3 in America in the late 1950s. This was one of the most popular sports cars of its day and introduced thousands of enthusiasts to the joys of sports car ownership.

Promotional film for the new 1960 Corvair

6 mins. 25 secs.         
A promotional film for the new 1960 Corvair showing its capabilities in all conditions and over all types of terrain. Contains great footage for any Corvair enthusiast.

Selection of some of Ford's earliest cinema advertisements. Early 1930s.

2 mins. 30 secs
Selection of some of the very earliest automobile commercials made for the cinema featuring Ford cars.

Dinah Shore sings the Chevrolet song

1 min. 39 secs.          
Dinah Shore sings the Chevrolet song.

Dealer promotional film for the new 1941 Ford

4 mins. 32 secs         
A promotional film from Ford extolling the virtues of its new cars for 1941 and their range of new features.

New Ford cars for 1941

4 mins. 33 secs          
The Ford V8 cars for 1941 are featured along with the range of new improvements.