Motor racing


The original Vanderbilt cup race, New York, 1904

2 mins. 17 secs.             
Film of what is believed to be the first international motor race ever recorded on film and one of the first major road races in America. It includes great footage of the pioneering race cars from at the beginning of the 20th Century and the huge number of curious spectators who turned out to witness this new sporting spectacle.

The start of motor racing in America

2 mins. 27 secs.          
An informative visual guide to the early years of motor racing in America and the big heavy cars of the day which would be raced at the nation's primitive race tracks.

French stock car race, 1956

54 secs.                          

Motoring mayhem at a French stock car race outside Paris. Cars are seemingly tossed around at random although amazingly no-one is hurt.

American motor racing in the 1920s

1 min. 39 secs.
Great period footage of big American race cars competing in hill climbs, at Indy and at outlawed Midwest dirt tracks as the new sport of motor racing grows in popularity.

Monte Carlo Rally, 1959

1 min. 32 secs.
Excellent footage of the difficulties faced by the fearless drivers who tackled this year Monte Carlo Rally. The film shows MGs, Austins and other standard production cars being driven along icy narrow mountainous roads in the dead of night. A French team were the overall winners, although only around one third of the original starters crossed the finishing line.

Monaco grand prix, 1956

57 secs
Stirling Moss wins the Monaco Grand Prix through the principality's narrow streets, having led the race almost from the start.

Extraordinary crash at Langhorne stock car race, 1955

1 min. 39 secs.
A huge fire engulfs the Langhorne race track in Pennsylvania and one by one the competing cars crash into each other causing one of the worst motor race accidents ever caught on camera where no-one is killed.

Italian race car innovation, 1956

48 secs
An extraordinary Italian motor racing innovation where a twin torpedo car is tested at high speed on the famous Monza race track.

All American soap box derby, 1935

1 min. 16 secs
Youngsters build their own miniature cars and then race them in the US national 1935 soap box derby.

Tragedy at Atlanta motor race, 1947

1 min. 30 secs
An all action stock car race in Atlanta which unfortunately claims the life of Englishman and former Indianapolis winner, George Robson.

Monza international motor race, 1967

1 min. 1 sec.
Film of the Monza motor race in Italy featuring Ferraris, Porcshes and other leading race cars. The winner is Lorenzo Bandini in a Porsche.

Indianapolis 500, 1956

1 min. 14 secs
A newsreel of the 40th running of the Indianapolis 500 race. It contains the usual mishaps, although there are no serious accidents. The winner is Pat Flaherty.

German Grand Prix, 1967

50 secs
New Zealander Dennis Hulme wins the German Grand Prix on his way to becoming the 1967 World Drivers Champion.

Watkins Glen Grand Prix, 1967

1 min. 11 secs.
Graham Hill, Jim Clark, Dan Gurney, Dennis Hulme are among the leading drivers at the 1967 Watkins Glen Grand Prix which is won by Clark in a Lotus 49.

Midget car racing, Chicago, 1946

41 secs
A midget motor race at Soldiers Field in Chicago.

Daytona Beach stock car race, 1946

1 min. 12 secs
There's plenty of mishaps at Daytona Beach as former national US stock car champion Roy Hall wins this latest postwar event.

Indianapolis 500, 1947

1 min. 48 secs
An excellent newsreel of the 1947 Indianapolis 500 which includes the usual accidents and mishaps. The winner is Chicago driver Mauri Rose.

Roman chariot racing, 1951

1 min
Circuit racing as it would have been in bygone times. An all-action chariot race from Rome.

Stock car racing, New Jersey, 1957

1 min. 8 secs.
Great period footage of a stock car race at Trenton, New Jersey, which contains all the usual thrills and spills.

Daytona Beach stock car race, 1952

1 min. 5 secs
A 1950s stock car race at Daytona Beach on both the sand and the road. The film contains plenty of great cars and action.

Indianapolis 500, 1952

1 min. 34 secs
175,000 fans witness the 1952 Indianapolis 500. The winner is Troy Ruttmann with an average speed of over 128 miles per hour.

Pikes Peak Hill Climb, 1934

2 mins. 22 secs
A hill climb race to the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado, more than 10,000 feet above sea level.

Indianapolis 500, 1959

1 min. 50 secs
Lavish selection of jaw-dropping convertible cars on offer at a 1950s motor show

24 hour endurance race at Le Mans, 1959

1 min. 21 secs
Aston Martins come first and second at the annual Le Mans 24 hour endurance race with the winning car being driven by Carroll Shelby and Roy Salvadori. Due to all sorts of mishaps, less than half the starting cars actually finish the event.