Stunts and thrills


Auto rodeo in Denmark, 1931

4 mins. 38 secs        
Film of an unusual "auto rodeo" from Denmark in the early 1930s. In front of members of the Danish royal family and thousands of spectators, drivers tackle a multitude of challenging tasks which test the performance of both the drivers and their vehicles. These were the days when cars were still primarily seen as playthings for the rich and adventurous and this film shows Danish drivers having plenty of fun.

Essex Terraplane stunt, 1932

1 min. 36 secs        
A bizarre stunt showing a daredevil walking from an airborne aeroplane onto a Ford Essex car. A stunt definitely not to be tried at home!

Demolition derby auto thrills, 1966

1 min. 17 secs            
New York motoring mayhem at its very best in front of a packed crowd. First, a stock car race where every car is bumped, bashed and bruised and then a stunt event finishing with a blazing finale as a car drives through a large pipe with flames all around.

Florida auto thrills, 1957

1 min. 10 secs.         
A spectacular stunt driving show in Florida which includes stunt tricks that no health and safety official would sanction today.

French auto stunts, 1958

1 min. 12 secs       
French stunt drivers entertain huge crowds along country roads with a series of bizarre stunts.

French auto stunts, 1964

1 min. 13 secs.       
More stunt driving tricks from France. here, one performer drives a car on only two wheels while his colleague climbs a ladder outside the window.

Hollywood stunt driver show, 1951

56 secs                    
Hollywood stunt drivers put on an entertaining car show which includes everything from ice to fire.

Stunt displays at the Berlin police show, 1964

1 min. 9 secs.            
Wonderfully entertaining show by the Berlin police department featuring all sorts of novel stunts on wheels. As the narrator says, if you ever see this in your rear view mirror, pull over and take an aspirin.

Thrills and spills at Chicago auto mania, 1956

1 min. 27 secs             
Skilled stunt drivers put on an impressive automania display at the Soldier's Field stadium in Chicago. On show are plenty of great stunts, flying cars as well as fearless drivers.

Truck stunts in Detroit, 1956

47 secs                          
Daredevil stunt drivers take stock trucks to new heights at a special road track in Michigan. Not for the squeamish.

US stunt driver team and their Chevrolet cars

5 mins. 44 secs               
Documentary featuring a full-time US stunt driving team providing an in-depth behind-the scenes tour of the cars they use and the variety of daring, high-flying stunts they perform.

The world's only auto airport!

58 secs                            
A stunt trick with a difference. One brother flies his aeroplane onto the roof of a station wagon car as the other drives the car along the road.