More than 500 classic motoring films from around the world from the 1890s onwards 

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Motoring History

These films feature some of the very earliest recordings of motorised transport as well as films featuring the subsequent development of the automobile during the 20th Century


Motor racing

Enjoy a rich assortment of motor racing films from around the world from such leading venues as Le Mans, Indianapolis, Brands Hatch, Sebring and elsewhere, plus historic hill climbs, airport races and rallies


Advertising and Marketing

A great selection of films featuring original television and cinema advertisements for different models of cars from the 1930s onwards, plus other films showing how specific cars have been marketed in different countries over the years



A selection of informative films featuring the manufacturing of cars, beginning with Henry Ford's pioneering moving conveyor belt in the very early years of the 20th Century, to other films showing how cars have been built and tested in subsequent times


Stunts and thrill

Many of the 20th Century's leading auto daredevils feature in this selection of films which challenge both cars and drivers to the limit


Classic British Cars

Classic British cars such as Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Bentley, MG and many others have long been regarded as some of the most desireable cars ever built and a number of informative films profiling these cars are featured here


Auto News Stories

A selection of informative newsreel films featuring different motoring stories from the 1930s to 1960s, mostly originating in the USA


Roads and Highways

Not only did the quality of cars improve considerably during the 20th Century, but so did the roads and highways. Many of these changes are shown here, starting with the days when roads were no more than mud-sodden counry tracks


Road Safety

The road safety films shown here feature a number of novel road safety measures which have been introducd over the years, as well as films showing the damage that bad driving has caused


Military and Wartime

The Military and Wartime section features everything from some of the most extraordinary military vehicles ever built, to the way in which many car factories were converted to help the war effort during WW2


Motor Shows

Motor shows have long been the places where new and unique cars have been shown to the mororing public and motor shows from pre-war days onwards are featured here. There's also a number of exclusive single marque shows from more recent times


Individual cars

This section profiles an assortment of leading and other cars built and sold around the world



Transport pioneers have invented everything from flying cars to personal rocket-belts to help move man around and this selection of films features a range of truly bizarre oddities, as well as other strange and entertaining motoring stories from the past


Land Speed Records

The world land speed record increased by over 500 miles per hour during the course of the 20th Century and the films here show some of these achievements, as well as other speed record events and record cars


Land Rovers

The Land Rover is the most famous off-road vehicle in the world and the selection of films included here celebrates more than 50 years of this legendary vehicle. 



The world's movie cameras have recorded many events in the evolution of motoring history and many diverse films are included here from innovative concept cars to new devices to assist women drivers


Motor cycling

Although this film archive primarily features motor cars, a small number of historic films are included, featuring everything from challenging hill-climbs to major international 24 hour endurance races